3 generations of know-how

Norton Jefferson founded N.C. Jefferson Plumbing & Heating in 1947 and started those well-known yellow trucks rolling. Business grew and he called on his brother, Bob, to join him in the field and wife Dorothy to help run the office. In the 1980s, son Bruce took over, and turned Jefferson’s into Princeton’s best-known plumbing business. Bruce’s daughter Jill joined the business in 2004. She’s still making sure your work gets done asap, but also runs Jefferson Bath and Kitchen, the retail and remodeling side of the family venture. Since 2006 Jacqui Haas has been the one who answers your calls in the front office. And, as always, our journeymen plumbers are ready to help you, whatever your plumbing needs.

Thank you to all our loyal customers for making us Princeton’s best-known plumbers for 75 years.